Have you recently invested in FedEx routes?

So you’re a new contractor with routes of your own to manage – now what? 

Being a logistics contractor is tricky business, and unfortunately, many new contractors fail within their first year. 

That’s where we come in.

Logistical Resource Group is your number one guide in setting up your new FedEx business and making sure you don’t lose out on your investment. We’ll help you get a good overview of the business, including your routes, business structure, financials, employee management and more.

Managing Your Routes

You’ll learn what to expect from your logistics business based on your routes and location. We will show you how to structure your routes and efficiently use DRO based on volume, vehicles, density and more.

Business Structure

Structure your business with the appropriate employees and functions. Plan the number of employees your business should have based on your size, and who should be responsible for each function of the business.

Financial Overview

Your finances are the most important aspect of your FedEx-contracted business. If you fail to  account for accidents, growth, turnover, assets like scanners, and other expenses, it can be extremely costly for the business.

Safety + Compliance

For your FedEx contracted business, we have guides for safety training best practices, managing your insurance and assets, navigating audits, the best safety and tech vendors, protocols on different vehicle types and more. 

Recruiting + HR

LRG is your guide in driver recruitment, hiring, onboarding and training. Plan for attrition, and manage employees by using our HR-specific guides on write-ups, terminations, incidents and much more.

Prep for Peak Season

Peak season is the hardest time of the year around the holiday months when more packages go out. We will give you a roadmap to ramp up, prepare early and re-engineer your routes and teams for this season.

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Logistical Resource Group was created by Founder Matt Pickett after many years of being in the business. After 14 years of driving, then taking over his own routes, he saw a big need in the space for collaboration and support between logistics businesses.

Matt saw firsthand the challenges that logistics businesses are facing – and then he started creating solutions. 

Matt has a passion for helping contractors. He’s been in their shoes. He knows the finances and livelihoods at stake.

That’s how LRG was born. The passion to take solutions and share them with other contractors. To refine ideas with the input of other experts. To work together to create stronger futures for everyone in the logistics business.

Because our future is stronger together.


Where best-in-class logistics contractors come together to learn and grow. 

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