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SmartPost Calculator

The SmartPost Integration Revenue Analysis will help you to understand where you revenue will come from after you go through the SmartPost integration. This tool helps you breakdown revenue from E-Commerce and Non E-Commerce stops and packages. It also helps you determine the percentage of your business coming from E-Commerce.

ISP Analysis

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to signing a new ISP agreement. This template will help you analyze and understand your costs and potential revenue, and is a great tool to have in negotiations. This template includes calculators for Cost Per Unit, Cost Per Mile, Growth Cost Per Unit and the Negotiated ISP Proposal.

Cost Per Mile calculator

Our cost per mile calculator adds up everything you could ever need to know, to calculate the cost of running your business. From admin costs, to driver wages, fuel, cost per unit, cost per stop and more – we lay it all out for you.

Employee Handbook

Give your employees everything they need to know about your business policies in one handbook – covering everything from safety to calling off, to vehicle accidents, anti-harassment policies and everything in between.


Peak Season Cost Calculator
Logistics Business Plan
Return to Work Program Guide
Creating a Mission Statement
Fuel Negotiation Analysis
Growth Cost Per Unit
Termination Notice Sample
Termination Notice
Employee Offer Letter
Employee Referral Card
Employee Warning Notice
Driver Performance Evaluation
Driver Performance Evaluation Sample
Employee Warning Notice Sample
FedEx Self Audit Template
Amazon Self Audit Template
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Resignation Notice Sample
Manager Performance Evaluation
Resignation Notice
Schedule Tracker + 7 Day Work Week Guide
Security/VEDR Audit
Waiver of Medical Care + Ability to Work
Injury Prevention + Reporting
Safety Committee Guide
Emergency Contact Form
Non Workplace Injury Statement
New Hire Road Assessment Observation (RAO)
Risk Management Program Guide
Contingency Calculator
SmartPost Integration Revenue Analysis

Peak Season Jumper Program
Peak Season Roadmap
Generic FedEx Employee Handbook
New Hire Orientation for FedEx Contractors
Unique Characteristics
ISP Analysis Template
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OTC Letter Response Template
Safety And Service Bonus Program
DOT Inspection Checklist
Amazon Safety & Service Bonus Program
Request for Information (RFI) Sample
Organization Structure
Approaching Chargeback Drivers

Outlook on the Driver Labor Market

Our new Driver Labor Market Guide takes a deep dive into the unemployment rate and cost of living in 49 metropolitan areas across the US.

The report compares 5 top job listings from each city to calculate the starting wage that your drivers should be making. Then, we factor in healthcare and other benefits that can help you recruit and retain employees.

You'll even be able to see how much attrition is costing you year over year so that you'll be better equipped to combat it.

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