With more than 150 routes operating in multiple states, our leadership team is comprised of experts with years of experience in their fields. 

We work together with our leadership, vendor partners and members to create resources to help logistics contractors sustain and grow. 

Leadership Team

Matt Pickett


I love working with people and my driving force has always been servant leadership. 

How do you push the company forward?

I’m always finding new approaches to coach our team to get better every day. This is what fuels the work we are doing for LRG! I’m committed to offering continuous opportunities to my team to enhance their careers with advancements in positions, pay and other performance-based rewards. (I like building culture!)

What gets you excited about the business?

I like the challenges of problem solving that come with the business industry we’re in. It involves critical thinking and pushes creativity to break down barriers.

Katie Pickett


 I think we all play such an important role individually and together, and I love seeing everyone’s passion.

How do you push the company forward?

I push the company forward by saving the business money and increasing cash flow. I’m in charge of organizing financial records and bookkeeping, but I also provide leadership and direction throughout the company.

What gets you excited about the business?

What I love most about the business is working with wonderful people, and seeing their growth and teamwork. The more our employees grow, the more the business grows, and I can see it creating a successful future for the company. I love my job!

Lyndsey Fortunato

Managing Director

I love being able to help contractors realize their full potential and run their businesses more effectively.

How do you push the company forward?

I take the day to day operations at our company and find ways to build efficiency and share the process with contractors from all over the country. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of developing new, more efficient tools and resources to help our businesses grow.

What gets you excited about the business?

It’s certainly never dull! This industry is all about learning from and adapting to change. No matter what contractors I talk to, they have different unique experiences to learn and grow from.

Derek Larch

Vice President of Operations

Each day I strive to help lead our team to be the safest and most accurate drivers on the road.

How do you push the company forward?

From the very beginning of my career I was taught to never settle. As a team we work together to get through any obstacle without compromising our core values of culture and safety.

What gets you excited about the business?

What gets me excited about our business is being involved in all that we do. Every day can be drastically different. One minute I am helping with route engineering and the next minute I may be loading a truck or conducting an interview. The best part of the business is being a part of an entire team that works well together and has aligned goals.

Ryan Walsh

Operations Manager

I strive to develop leaders in our company, continue to grow culture and help adjust to the ever adapting industry

How do you push the company forward?

Creating growth and opportunity for our team is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Every day, I have the pleasure to have personal involvement in the growth and development of our team. This goes beyond personal success because there is no better reason to come to work every day if not to push amazing people to do amazing things.

What gets you excited about the business?

Being part of the development process and solving challenges as a team that help us to grow is an inspiration. It’s invigorating to know the impact you can have on the people around you who come from all different walks of life.

Shannon Mayfield

Safety Director

Always remember “the message of safety is never redundant, it’s a refresher.”

How do you push the company forward?

The way I help push the company forward is by never taking shortcuts and always looking for the best in our team. 

What gets you excited about the business?

The most incredible part of my position with LRG being able to coach drivers in many ways. I have been afforded the opportunity to lead training classes, coach one on one, lead our safety committee and even share best practices with other contracting teams. What keeps me motivated is watching others develop their new teammates with best practices they have learned.

Anna Hermann

Marketing Director

As a marketer, you’re responsible for telling a brand’s story, and luckily we have a great story to tell.

How do you push the company forward?

In my role, I help develop tools and resources to be used in the business, and also help promote what we already have. We have so many cool things to share with other contractors, so I help bring attention to it all and get it in the hands of other businesses.

What gets you excited about the business?

This is a very exciting industry to be in because it’s only going to grow and grow, and it’s always changing. There’s something new to learn and develop every day.

Vidal Orsley

Regional Logistics Manager

Every day presents us with a new opportunity to coach, lead and develop our next leaders.

How do you push the company forward?

Each day we work as a team to bring in the best candidates to join our team. We get to bring in all walks of life and get them excited about a common goal. In this company we are able to bring them into our family and offer a rewarding career in a business that prides itself on culture.

What gets you excited about the business?

With our rapid growth it is important to never stop developing and evolving. What I like most about working with LRG is getting to know our team on a personal level. We strive to run our business like a close family and understand that we have ups and downs from time to time.

Kim Tewanger

HR Manager

I am always looking for ways to gain more knowledge on topics and further develop my understanding to better support our team.

How do you push the company forward?

I push the company forward by always seeking the next best step or improving policies and procedures that impact the team overall. The last mile/transportation industry is always changing! For us that means opportunity; opportunity for growth, development, positive change and impact.

What gets you excited about the business?

I love that in my position I have an impact. I have valued input with our leadership team and they lean on me for knowledge in my areas of business. This helps keep me accountable and ensures that I am always educating myself. I love that I get to interact with the drivers in every area of our business as these are ultimately the most important people in the company.

Donnie Furlong

Personnel Development Director

Being involved, informed and participating in everything we do keeps me motivated and determined daily.

How do you push the company forward?

Whether it’s loading a truck, leading a meeting or recognizing someone’s efforts, my ultimate goal is aiding in our team’s personal and professional development. If questions are being asked it shows me there is interest and it invigorates me to keep coaching and motivating.

What gets you excited about the business?

The most exciting part of my position is participating and watching the development of our teammates. With all the challenges that we face daily it is very gratifying when I witness teamwork, troubleshooting and a well-executed plan that plays out. Even if it doesn’t play out perfectly, how we respond and regroup is the true sign of our culture.

"I can’t thank you guys enough for opening my eyes to how many more layers of thought and efficiency this business can have, it truly makes my work exciting again."

Paul Linnertz, NY FedEx Contractor


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