Finding good, qualified driver candidates can be extremely difficult, especially around peak season when the competition in the final mile industry gets particularly fierce. That’s why the interview, hiring, and onboarding processes should be made as professional and enjoyable as possible for the incoming drivers.

Don’t miss out on great candidates because of a poor interview interaction!

One of the most important features of your interview process is the location. Hosting your interviews at a professional location will give your company an air of legitimacy to those who are getting a first impression of it. Here are some recommendations as to where your interviews should be held:

Your Terminal

The best place to host your interviews is at your terminal. Is there a private office, picnic table or break room you can use to conduct your meetings? Hosting interviews on site when possible is the best way to show you are a legitimate company working with FedEx or Amazon. It also allows the interviewee to get a small glimpse into operations.

Shared Workspaces

Consider partnering with other contractors in your area to rent a shared office for your business. Partnering with other contractors for a private workspace will still give you the professionalism and legitimacy you need without the high cost of operating a full office. You might also consider a membership to a local WeWork or other co-working space.

A Local Hotel

Typically local hotels will let you rent a conference room for a few hours. Consider doing all of your interviews on one day of the week and booking a conference room at a local hotel for the afternoon.

A Friend’s Office

If you only need to host occasional interviews, consider asking a friend if you can borrow a conference room at their office. You might be surprised, many small business owners are willing to lend a helping hand to other small business owners!

A Quiet Cafe

Interviewing in public should be avoided if possible, but if you have no other options, a quiet cafe or restaurant is a fallback option. This works best for one or two candidates, as you are unable to control the amount of people entering or leaving the area you are interviewing your candidates.


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